Sunday, January 25, 2009

Keeping in Touch (or the lack of it)

Twenty five days in and I make my first post of the year. I've been doing really well at working lately: working and sleeping... and not much else beyond that. I'm not under pressure from any external forces- I just really like my job to the point of obsession- I can't get enough!

And suddenly I find all of the balance I had in my life is gone. I work and sleep-- and walk the dogs on occasion. I haven't even been doing cardio or weights or yoga- nothing physical. I haven't been writing or reading. I haven't been making lunches... I just stock the work freezer with lean cuisines and pull one down whenever I get hungry.

I'm sleepy. More later.


Tino said...

Dah, Lean Cuisines! We all fall prey to them sometimes. Well, for Peacebone it used to be only Lean Pockets (ham and cheese?).

Which ones do you eat? I only like the pizzas because I burnt out on the rest and I quit buying them altogether.

Gotta be careful about putting plastic in the microwave, too.

Fermi said...

My favorite are the panini- Chicken Tuscan...

I also like Kashi brand penne and pesto and veggies.

Also pizza for one- Dijorno Supreme and California pizza kitchen- something with meat on it.

Tino said...

Oh, you do the high quality Cuisines. I can't rag on those.