Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the mercy seat

So a few of you probably know this already. I know Fermi does. I can't remember if I've told Tino or Skuh yet. I am backing out of doing the peace corps.

The decision came to a head as soon as I got back to school. It's kind of appropriate, new beginnings, big changes, huge decisions about my future. It's a muti-faceted decision. The main reasons are
  • the idea of taking another 2 year break from school then going back to this (outrageous) level is too daunting to consider. I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting used to this level of work and I would rather just run through the end point.
  • I originally thought my pc service would cut down on the number of semesters I would need to be in school. I was wrong, I would have to come back and do exactly the same amount of school as I would if I had never gone. (this program counts peace corps service as credits).
  • I have a good group of friends around these parts already, doing the whole, "hi, my name is peacebone, what are you studying" thing again is not going to fly, buster.
  • I have the opportunity to apply for a job that would provide full funding and a salary (and possibly housing) next year. This is in contrast to accruing interest on established student loans and coming back in 2 years to get more loan debt.
  • I am totally in love with my boyfriend and I already have to live on a different continent until I graduate. Neither of us wants to postpone living together any longer than we have to.
So that last reason is certainly not the lowest in importance. It's probably tied with the first reason with the rest as additional.

But I do think I am making the right decision. It's a huge decision, but it's also not a complete fork in the road. If this doesn't work out, there's a very good chance that I could apply for the peace corps later and be accepted again. That being said, I don't think that will happen. Herr Boyfriend and I are very devoted to one another.

News in that front: I know I said I was going to spend my spring break there in my last post, well now those plans have changed. I'm now going to go spend about 2 months with him this summer. I'm going to take german and cook and make out in beer gardens and do all the wonderful things you can do in Europe in the summer. Also, this way I'll be able to go to Paris for at least 1 weekend. I pretty much could not be more excited about this trip. yip yip!

so, back to reading and writing and stressing. see y'all later. oh, and does anyone know when that groundhog comes out and looks for his shadow? I want it to be whichever one means winter will end sooner rather than later.


Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Enjoy Europe!!

I really wish I could have done that during college, but we had maybe 2-3 weeks off a year from training....and it would be 2-3 days here and there.

Stikki K. said...

Is it called "dropping out" if you don't ever go? I wouldn't go either if I were you.

Now Skuh should post about her recent decision.

Sarah D. said...

go on peacebone, wit ya bad self.