Thursday, October 2, 2008

running out of options

I think I am going to drop out of the Alt Cert program at UL. It's expensive and I don't have the time to make any money. I am unsure that it's in my best interest to continue along this path. 
I am looking into Teach for America as a serious option, as well as programs in different states that pretty much pay you to get certified. 
I am so fucking tired of not making any money. And I'm even more tired of not having a real job. I feel like it's time and that I deserve both, but reality would tell me otherwise. 
I am sure of nothing save my loss of hope about so many things.  


Tino said...

I feel ya. Perhaps there's a quicker, more efficient option.

If you do decide to stay though, just know that it ain't for nothing--you'll have to get certified somehow.

Also: I do not recommend TFA. They don't prepare you to teach--I see it as a machine-like thing that cranks college grads out to really desperate schools (to teach ANYthing they ask) for a couple years. But it HAS worked out for Meghan, oddly enough, so maybe it's not all bad. Though she DID start out teaching Bio and special ed, which would not be my cup o' tea.

Katie Killary said...

nice image! hope you find a happy medium with college and working!

Fermi said...

Teach for America IS the devil.

Do you still feel like quitting, Skuh?

Skuh said...

Fermi, YES. Why is TFA the devil? I've heard people express similar sentiments and am wondering why you find them to be demonic.
Thanks, Katie. I'll be white-knuckling it until December but I'll be damned if ULL or anything will get the best of me.

Fermi said...

I made a post about this called: