Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Adventures of Business Travel pt.1

Yesterday afternoon, my plane was only 1 hour delayed, which meant that I had time to go workout.  But I had to respond to some work emails that were time sensitive.

I take off my work pants, and put on running shorts.
I take off my work top, and I sit at the desk in my hotel room typing in my cami-undershirt.

I hear a noise.
I am curious because it sounds like someone is using a key card to enter my hotel room.
But that can't be right.
This is my room.
It must be next door.
I must have super-hearing.

And then he opens the door with one hand full of dress shirts on hangers.
He is smiling- this middle aged man.
And then he registers that there is a girl in his room.
With her crap sprawled out everywhere on the beds and floor.

"They must have given me the wrong room."
I smile.
"Yes, I think so."
He retreats, and the door closes behind him.


After this happened, I felt slightly embarrassed that my room was so messy.
I don't mind the mess, but in hotels, I like to tidy up every morning before the cleaning lady comes.

I also was happy that I had clothes on.

I always lock all of the door locking mechanisms before I go to sleep.
But not every time I am in my room.
Especially if I am about to walk out to go exercise.

It is also interesting to me that I was not afraid during this encounter.
Probably because I have been staying in this hotel for the past 3 weeks, checking out on Fridays and checking in on Sunday or Monday.
Also- I knew that the normal girl who checks us in on Mondays is on vacation until Tuesday this week.
There were 2 people at the desk working the check in where there is usually only 1- the normal girl.
They slipped up a little.
I can understand this.


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