Saturday, July 21, 2012

50 shades of embarrassment

I have not read any of the books.  I hear the writing style is poor.

My favorite part of the 50 shades of grey phenomenon is that sometimes I am lucky enough to watch strangers buy the book.  The first time I was in an airport in line to check out, at one of those books and snacks stores, and the middle aged (mid 50s) white guy in front of me was getting a newspaper and 50 shades of grey.  He presented his items to the cashier with the newspaper wrapped around the book.  She opened the newspaper, and scanned each item.  Then he re-wrapped the book in the paper.

The second time, I was at a grocery store with my husband.
There was a black woman (early 40s) with her hair in dreads and a pony-tail standing in front of us.  She was wearing workout clothes.  She had the book* on the moving conveyor belt covered mostly by a magazine.  You could see handcuffs on the cover.

J and I walked out with our groceries and he said to me, "I don't know why she was so embarrassed about that book.  Its OK black woman, you can read your books about slavery."

J thought it was about African-american historical-slavery.  :)

Embarrassment is interesting to watch.  Especially when people are embarrassed about something that I don't place a value judgement on, like sexuality.

*maybe it is a different book in the series than the 1st one?