Thursday, June 11, 2009

ola chee-kahs!

Greetings, greetings and once again greetings!
It's been too long since I last checked in with all my group bloggy friends, I know. But I suppose that things have been a smidge hectic in ole Skuh's world.
For starters, I've officially moved out of the parentals' house and am currently living in a log cabin, which I normally refer to as the loggin. And in terms of my interpersonal life, I feel that I could not have made a better decision. I am already feeling better . . . like I can breathe again, and like I'm turning back into the person I love and respect. You might say, also, that I'm detoxing and looking forward to recovery.
Work has also been pretty demanding . . . been putting in ten hour days, which have taken their toll on my ability to wake up in the mernting. Good thing I'm on vacation.
Which brings me to another new tidbit. So, do you remember how I'd told of my joining online dating sites? And how they presented romantic scenarios that were, more or less, just as confusing and disappointing as the ones I've encountered in real life? Well, it does appear that the tides are turning. One of the major reasons I've taken the time to vacay in TN, is to visit the match, with whom I've been communicating -- first strictly via e-mail and lately mostly per phone -- since the end of March. I'm all nervous and giddy, much like the proverbial school girl; although, a part of me is calm and confident that our first tete-a-tete will be fluttery, but seamless. He's a thoughtful one. I'll be sure to divulge (some) details . . .
How are all the rest of my penguins?? I've been missin y'all!


Fermi said...

Wow- log cabin, huh? Is there air conditioning?

Skuh- I'm glad you posted. I have been thinking of posting lately-

--In this break I have happened upon photos of you on Facebook and I think- "Wow- I was never friends with her in real life." And the meaning behind this is only that your inside is more familiar to me than your outside.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Skuh said...

There is indeed air conditioning.
And thanks. I had been thinking about posting for a while before I actually made it a point to do it.
-- I like what you said about my insides . . .
As per the post -- I'm starting to think that I may have spoken to soon about tides changing.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

*tap tap tap*

This still kicking?

Any penguins home?